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R.Kelly – Two Mansions Robbed While On Tour

R.Kelly - Two Mansions Robbed While On Tour

R. Kelly born Robert Sylvester is traveling throughout the USA while on his Memory Lane Tour. Meanwhile, at home, the robbers are doing a little partying on their own.

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His two mansions located in the state of Georgia, in Fulton County were robbed by a man called Alfonso Walker. The robbery was discovered by the maid who came to work only to find the house completely empty. The 50-year-old singer was in New Orleans at the time of the robbery.

A neighbor is said to have seen several men loading furniture and other types of items into vans and trucks. A bit later, members of his entourage have reported that his other home located on Saint Devon Crossing has also been robbed.

A warrant has been issued for Walker on two counts of burglary, two counts of thefts and theft by deception.

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