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Beyoncé: Her Vogue T-shirt & Pencil Skirt: Get The Look

Beyoncé's Vogue T-shirt : Get The Look, the torn Vogue T-Shirt and the Pencil Skirt

Beyoncé posted a picture of herself wearing a torn “VOGUE” t-shirt, a red pencil skirt and heels with see-through straps. Another picture depicts her with the same outfit but with a Virgil Abloh’s pair of Nike.

Let’s Shop The Look:

The t-shirt is styled, fabricated and sold by Wardrobe Department L.A. (as a warning the T-shirt does is not available “torn“.) The Vogue T-Shirt is available on Depop for $85.00

Beyonce's vogue torn t-shirt, stess magazine, vogue

The red pencil skirt is from Givenchy for $640.00 (sale) or $1,280.00 (full price)

Beyonce Givenchy red pencil Skirt, Stess Magazine, jessica cade, shop the look

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