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MAC Cosmetics: The Big, Bold Bushy Brows & The Epic Fail!

MAC Cosmetics: if you are part of the women who like makeup then surely you have heard about MAC (nope, no relation to Apple). If you are like me and don’t really care about makeup there’s still a good chance you’ve heard of it. If not, girl here’s the website.

Below is a video of one of MAC’s artist (Damone Roberts) demonstrating how to obtain “Big, Bold Bushy Brows” which I like because they look more natural. I do have the necessary products, I just lack….let’s say the artistry!.

I did get the “bushy” effect using the brow pencil that Damone Roberts is using. I did exactly what he did in step #1 using the “Big Brow Pencil” (that I bought last year but that I never used until today). (so far so good).

Step #2 I used a Lash Brush that I already had. (all is still looking good)

Step #3 (renamed EPIC FAIL!): applying the “Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow“…not sure what happened but….yep I had correct my brows by going with a whole different “brow” direction.

So, if you’ve always wanted to achieve natural looking brows or bushy brows then check out the video. As for me, it was an epic fail! Let’s me know how yours go.

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