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Will 2018 Be a Better Year For Her?

Will 2018 Be Better For Her. Read the story of one of our anonymous reader.

Anonymous – sent a email asking if we could publish her story. The story of her not-so-good year turned better.


Anonymous’ year did not start so good. Her 2016 financial problems carried into 2017, just like every other years. Yet, she continues to live her life and overcome her struggles as they come. And just like every year, the issues didn’t come one by one or one after the other. They rush into her life as if a race needed to be won. It felt like an ever ending vicious cycle. Many times, she has thought about ending the cycle once and for all but she never got the strength to do it.

She became « isolated » from her friends. They go out, spend money, have fun but she can’t afford to do that. She went through a divorce and believe it or not, it was the best thing that ever happened to her. And no, unlike any other divorces, it wasn’t expensive. The paper work and procedures were definitely a hassle to deal with, but overall she’s happy with that part of her life. She refused to get child support and alimony, not out of pride but as a necessity.

You see, seven years ago, her and her child almost died at the hands of her ex-husband. His family also threatened them. From that point forward, she decided to stay away from them altogether.

2017 didn’t start so good. But throughout the year, things have gotten better. Her financial situation was better than before, the struggle was definitely easier to overcome until it became less and less of a struggle. The problems lessened and her and her child were able to « enjoy » life a bit more. They were happier and even started making plans for trips abroad. Another good thing that happened, is that she found love. She found the « perfect man » as she describes him. Something she thought that would never happened, she fell in love for the first time. The relationship isn’t a fairy tail, we all know these don’t exist, but it is perfect to them. A family of two now turned into three. The man immediately fell in love with them both and weddings plans are being made.

After struggling for so long, after only concentrating on raising and providing for her child, and after losing all hope of ever being happy, a new door opened and the old one closed forever.

This is a story sent to me by one of my reader. She decided to remain anonymous. She wanted her story to be shared at the dawn of the new year to come, to let people know that, the easy way out is not always the best!


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