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Lara Kruger : RIP Gone But Not Forgotten

Lara Kruger the transgender South African radio host passed away.

Lara Kruger – born Thaledo Lehurele was a South African radio host. @MissLaraKruger was a transgender who lived her life embracing what others might have seen as a flaw. She was heavily active in the LGBTI Community and was an active speaker on causes such as HIV.

Kruger was a radio host for Mostweding FM DJ. Even though she was born a man, she lived her life as a woman. She did not undergo any surgery related to sex change. In a mini documentary she explained that she still has her male genital part and that it didn’t bother her.

A few days before her death (Dec 15th), she posted a message on her Facebook account which led the public to assume that she knew her time was near. She talked about her funeral among other things.

The actual reason of her death has yet to be shared, but what she certain is that she was suffering from severed depression.

On December 15th, she is hospitalized due to an unknown discomfort and was then released on December 18th. She returned to the hospital shortly after Christmas.

Thaledo Lehurele aka Lara Kruger passed away on January 3rd 2018, she was 30 years old. Her funeral is scheduled for January 13th 2018.


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