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M’Bahiakro – The Student’s Murderer Is None Other Than Her Father

M'Bahiakro - The Student's Murderer Is None Other Than Her Father

Ivory Coast – Bouake Broman, the prosecutor of the Court of Appeal spoke Sunday, March 11, 2018 about the arrest of not one but the two alleged murderers of Hermione Chanceline Glahou, a 14-year-old high school student.

The first protagonist, her killer, is a man named Sana Hamed, a prisoner who acted on the victim’s  father orders.

The second person is none other than Chanceline’s father, Delphin Glahou, a prison officer who is the person who found the lifeless body of the girl.

According to the testimony of the murderer, her father would have ordered the murder of his daughter in a very particular way: strangled, butchered and emptied of blood. Just like little Bouba, the premeditated act was committed for spiritual grapes. And just like Sagno Étienne, the murderer of little Bouba, Delphin Glahou wanted to become rich too!

Although his accomplice denounced him, he continues to deny the facts.

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