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Nigeria – A Nigerian DJ Arrested In Spain For Human Trafficking & Prostitution

A Nigerian DJ Arrested In Spain For Human Trafficking & Prostitution

Europol – rescued 39 women, all from Nigeria from a known sex trafficking organization who forced them to be held captive in a sordid place that looks like a cave.They were forced into prostitution.

The authorities indicated that the women have been victims of voodoo. The trafficking and prostitution counts among its main protagonists a famous Nigerian DJ.

The victims, most of whom were under the age of 18, were subject to spiritual rituals that would have forced them to accept the orders and demands of the DJ.

During the operation rescue, 89 people including 39 victims were arrested. The victims were transported to Spain through Libya and Italy. They were imprisoned in the city of Almería.

According to several testimonies, they were forced to prostitution in order to pay their debts of € 30 000, which would have been accumulated during their journey to Europe.

The role of the DJ was simple, in addition to the spiritual séances, he facilitated their transport to Spain. The accounts of the organization have been seized and totalled the amount of more than € 300 000.

Europol indicated that the organization of the name of Eiye was at the origin of this trafficking and of several other clandestine groups located in Europe. One of its collaborator, a Nigerian woman was also arrested in England.

The rescue operation began in November 2017 after one of the minor victims reported to the police that she had been forced into prostitution by threats of black magic in Nigeria.

The DJ, whose identity remains unknown was arrested when he returned to Spain after filming a new video.

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